DAISO Europe

Precise Diecutting – Efficient Processing

DAISO Europe transfers the Japanese know-how to Europe. We want to improve the die-cutting process and release untapped potential of the machines.

As a young team we are domiciled at the beautiful Westerwald (Germany/Rhineland-Palantine) and can rely on the decade-long experience in the paper processing industry.

From Montabaur we advise and supply day-to-day our customers and partners in whole Europe.

Thereby we follow these principles:

  • Maximum performance optimization of flat bed die-cutting processes
  • Constant further development
  • Offer alternatives instead of following old habits
  • Keep moving instead of stagnancy


Continuous Improvement on the Way to Perfection

Our main partner DAISO CO., LTD. is a Japanese manufacturer and expert of die-cutting material, die-cutting tools and cutting process. The products of DAISO have a very high qualtiy which increase productivity of die-cutting.

Joji Otsuka established the company Otsuka Diemaking in 1971. To promote production and sale of creasing matrix (G-Tape) the company SOEI was established in 1982. Finally in 1988 both companies merged and DAISO CO., LTD was founded.

Now DAISO is the leading manufacturer of die-cutting material and supplies as well as the biggest producer of die-cutting tools in Japan. The long experience and development without the influence of European countries, DAISO has been enable to think different which is reflected by the wide product range.