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Platen Cleaning Equipment

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A MUST HAVE for your Machine Maintenance

„Platen and chase cleaning are the basis of a constant cutting result.”

Our equipment enables you to take control and responsibility about your cleaning sequences.

  • One time investment
  • No disassembling of your chains and guides
  • No service technician
  • For all brands and machine types available

The equipment includes all devices you need for the cleaning process and a starter package of cleaning material which are all food safe (NSF and HALAL certificated)

We would gladly make you an offer for your machine types.

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* Service Combination

The equipment in combination with our service safes you a lot of time. The first cleaning process of a diecutter forms the basis for the future machine balance. Because of that it should be made with highest accuracy. We complete the first cleaning process together and train you in the most effective use of the equipment and consult you about your future cleaning intervals.

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Rust and dirt on the platen and chases cause uneven surfaces which need to be balanced by patching up. lt’s the main reason of long make-ready times!

A periodical cleaning and maintenance of platen and chases are a the most effective method to reduce set-up time and improve the quality of boxes.

Read more on the topic of patch up minimization in our plan of action.

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