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Cleaning Service

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MUST HAVE for your Machine Maintenance

“With an uneven and changing surface of the platen it is not possible to achieve a repeatable cutting result.”

Contact us for a professional platen and chase cleaning!

In a short time, we remove all unevenness like rust and dirt from your platen and chases.

  • Less machine downtime because of our efficient and practiced process
  • Machine operator can realize other needed maintenance work in meantime
  • You get further consulting to cleaning and maintenance
  • lnspection of your chases



We take care of everything else:

Please contact us about service contracts. After fixing the cleaning interval we take care of all further things.

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Rust and dirt on the platen and chases cause uneven surfaces which need to be balanced by patching up. lt’s the main reason of long make-ready time!

Routinely cleaning and maintenance of the platen and chases are a fast and effective method to reduce the set-up time of the diecutter and improve the quality of the boxes.


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