Cutting Rules

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Type ECO –  Our Standard Rule

  • Version: shaved
  • Decarburized surface → high flexibility
  • The rule for all standard orders

Type Xtrem – The Polished Rule

  • Version: shaved and polished
  • Reduced friction prevents angel hair and dust
  • Long service life

Type WSP – The unique combination of angles

  • Version: shaved and polished + angle combination
  • The formation of angel hairs and dust formation are reduced
  • Large tip angle ensures greater stability and service life → 20-50% longer service life compared to Xtrem type
  • Small cutting edge angle ensures lower cutting friction and good cutting behavior

Type R – The Special Cut

  • Version: fine ground
  • The unique vertical cut reduces friction and dust generation
  • Use when die-cutting plastic and laminated material

Type Plus – Our High-End Rule

  • Version: micro ground
  • Mirror polishing of the cutting surfaces
  • Die-cutting pressure is reduced and the detachment or tearing of printed paper is prevented

Type Pro – The most durable rule

  • Version: shaved and polished + cutting edge radius
  • The special cutting radius of 0.02 ensures faster set-up, reduces the required machine pressure and thus extends the life of the die-cutting machine
  • The formation of angel hair and the formation of dust are reduced


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The Japanese manufacturer TSUKATANI has been a leader in quality since 1951. This is achieved through specially developed grinding processes, compliance with very tight tolerances and the use of the best Japanese steel.


  • Point Sizes: 2 pt (0,71 mm) | 3 pt (1,05 mm)
  • Edge hardened = Longer life time
  • Availability: Coils and metre lengths


  • 2 pt = 100 m
  • 3 pt = 70 m

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2 pt, 3 pt

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