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More Time to Produce

Shorter Set-up Times

  • 45° mitre cut & chamfering in one step

No Product Contamination:

  • No waste parts in the tool anymore

Less Risk of Injury:

  • No usage of carpet knifes

Exclusive for our Creasing Matrix G-Tape



Example Calculation [Time Saving]
Duration (manual chamfering) approx. 10 min
Orders per shift 3
Shifts per day 2
Working days per month 20 days
Time saving per month 1200 min = 20 hours
Machine-hour rate 285 €/h
Savings potential 68.400 € per year


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The VS-IV DAISO-Cutter is a patented innovation from Japan and the first cutting tool which cuts and chamfers creasing matrix at the same time.

Simply due to this intergretated process you reduce your set-up time.

Additional information

Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 740 × 90 × 310 mm

500 mm, 700 mm

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