Gard Chemicals are specialist formulators and manufactures of adhesive cleaners and release agents for hot and cold glues, widely used throughout Food / Packaging / Bottling and numerous other manufacturing industries.

Product Descriptions Benefits
EV60 Hot Melt Cleaner External cleaner for guide rails, label brushes, glue tanks and machine guards. Odourless in use.
Oleo 60 VOC Free Hot Melt Cleaner External Cleaner for removal of hot melt. Manufactured from 100% renewable raw materials. No hazard warning symbols. Used on label brushes, drums glue tanks, machine guards etc.
PUR 60 External PUR Cleaner External cleaner for cured and non cured PUR adhesives. Used for component or application roller cleaning.
Green HMP Hot Melt Purge Liquid cleaner for all pre melt tanks and hose fed systems