Special Rules

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  • Minimum order quantity is only 10 metres
  • Hardened cutting edge = longer tool life
  • Polished cutting edge = less angel hair and dust formation
  • Decarburised steel = high flexibility
  • High quality steel from Tsukatani Hamoto
  • 20 years of know-how in the production of special rules



  • Available in every gap and tooth combination
  • Standard depth 3 mm or customized
  • No burr formation → prevents damage and ensures faster and cleaner production


  • Available in every cutting and creasing height
  • Burr-free creasing part → minimizes the risk of ceiling breakage

Glue Flap Perforating

  • 2 x 2 pt to create a “serpent” profile
  • 2 x 4 pt and specials to suit specific apllications

Hand Hole Perforating

  • High-precision rule made from edge hardened steel for quick opening of packaging
  • Version “left” & “right”
  • Customized production of angle and depth of perforation

Edge Wave

  • Use in the production of safe cutting edges
  • High wear resistance and constant bending ability due to cutting edge hardening
  • Customer-specific wave profiles


Zipper Rule

  • Standard version (A,B & C) or customized
  • Asymmetrical shapes in a left and right hand combination
  • Symmetrical two way alternative


* Not available in all countries


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  • Point Sizes: 2 pt (0,71 mm) | 3 pt (1,05 mm)
  • Heights: up to 50 mm
  • Availability: coils and metre lengths

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