The new way to make "Nicks"

  • Very quick and easy to use
  • Square form of Nicks
  • Constant Nick-size because of regulated force
  • No damaging of rubbers

You just have to put the Auto-Nick-Punch in a straight position and push it down by hand.

Perfect solution when you are not allowed to use a Nick-grinder because of hygienics or fire safety regulations.

Img 2929

Even hard rubber (80HS) is not damaged by the Auto-Nick-Punch.

Haltepunktschläger Hartes Gummi
Sizes: (Nick-size)
Green 0,5 mm
Black 0,3 mm
Red 0,2 mm "Triangle form"
Spare part tips 0,5 mm, 0,3 mm, 0,2 mm