Save Time and Money!

Geringere Rüstzeiten:

  • 45°-Gehrungsschnitt & Abschrägen der Schnittkanten in einem Arbeitsgang

Keine Produktkontaminierung:

  • Keine Abfallteile im Werkzeug

Geringere Verletzungsgefahr:

  • Keine Verwendung mehr von Teppichmessern

Another patented Japanese innovation that we offer is the Daiso-Cutter. The first cutting tool which cuts and chamfers creasing matrix at the same time.

Simply due to this intergretated process, you reduce your setup time to 20-30 minutes because you no longer have to manually chamfer.

Furthermore, by eliminating this extra step altogether you can also prevent scrap parts from falling into the diecutter, and thus any form of production stop caused by debris.

Sample calculation [Time saving]
Time saving per order 10 min
Order per shift 3
Shifts per day 2
Workdays per month 20 days
Time savings per month 1200 min = 20 hours
Approx. machine-hour rate 285 €/h
Saving potential 68400 € per year