Creasing matrix G-Tape

*New* Creasing matrix which save your time

Greater creasing quality:

  • A more precise selection of crease width
  • New locator design prevents drifting of creasing rules
  • Easy to adjust creasing-width by hand

Better stability in production:

  • Durable material (300.000 impressions and more)
  • Creasing-matrix doesn´t fall down when it´s transferred

A lateral adhesive foil prevents:

  • Adhesive residue
  • Protect centering locator from falling out
  • Anti-static material prevents dust from forming in the creasing channels

Less setup time:

  • No manual trimming of the cutting edges through our Daiso-Cutter

Daiso-Europe offers a new and sophisticated technology from Japan, a country known for precision and perfectionism. The G-tape guarantees premium quality through its precise and unique creasing solutions.

With our large assortment we are able to achieve an optimal creasing result for any material or application. Our products prevent tearing at the fold and problems with further processing of packaging.

We manufacture a wide range of creasing systems out of vulcanized fiber, which has excellent mechanical properties. It is extremely resilient, tough, and durable, which are great attributes to achieve a wear-resistant contour. Another advantage to using natural material is that it is recyclable. Due to this eco-friendly feature no toxic gas or waste is generated during production.