Precise Diecutting – Efficient Processing

Daiso Europe is one of the most diverse full-service supplier in the field of die-cutting technology. For years, the German company has been characterized above all by innovative and process-optimizing products for die-cutting and die forms.

In addition to unique products for the die-cutting process, Daiso Europe also offers services and machines for further processing or product finishing.

So we simplify your work and save time and money when patching up and producing.

Our Products

We have numerous (small) products that will surely help you in production:

  • The very high quality creasing matrices G-Tape have an extremely precise transfer technology and thus ensure the best folding quality. There are also price advantages compared to products of similar quality.
  • The proven platen cleaning equipment guarantees you a one-time investment and the elimination of cost-intensive service technicians.
  • The stripping blades Suteba are a cheap and quick solution for missing rules. This prevents disruptions in the production process
  • The Auto Nick Punch with power transmission ensures quick and safe use with the help of predefined spring force.
  • With our Sharpener you can easily re-sharpen cutting rules. So you prevent angel hair or unclean cuts and save time-consuming replacement of the cutting rules.
  • High-quality cutting plate cleaner

Product Catalogue 2021/22

Our Services

The uniform flatness of all relevant surfaces is the basis for minimal make-ready

Our platen cleaning forms the basis on which a sustainable and constant die-cutting result is only possible.

Platen and chase plates are exposed to constant corrosion and dirt. The resulting unevenness causes the main part of the make-ready work. Because irregular rust layers cannot be compensated sustainably by patching up, as these changes due to the die-cutting pressure and the corrosion also progresses.

This condition can no longer guarantee a repeatable production process.

The consequences are too long patching up, too high die-cutting pressure as well as the wear of die forms and machine mechanics. Please also read our plan of action Patch up Minimization.

You just want to have a second opinion 

You have a problem and look for a new approach? A test job makes you difficult?

Get a (further) qualified opinion on your tasks. We combine successful experience with an innovative approach.

Each of our team members is a specialist in his field (die forms, die cutting, packaging quality).