Precise Diecutting – Efficient Processing

We as a German company have innovative and unique products for the flatbed-diecutting process.

We simplify your process and help you to save your make-ready time and increase your productivity.

Our Products

Our products help to keep your production running:

Our Services

We enable the maximum reduction and control of your set-up time

Our Platen and Chase Cleaning Service forms the basis on which a sustainable and consistent die-cutting result is possible.

Cutting plates and chase plates are exposed to constant corrosion and contamination and thus provide for unevenness, which in addition constantly change due to the punching pressure.

This condition cannot ensure a repetitive production process.

The consequences are long set-up times, too high punching pressure and wear of die forms and machine mechanics.

You just want to have a second opinion 

You have a problem and look for a new approach? A test job makes you difficult?

Get a (further) qualified opinion on your tasks. We combine successful experience with an innovative approach.

Each of our team members is a specialist in his field (die forms, die cutting, packaging quality).

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